Why you should be excited for Judy, a new film series by writer/director/filmmaker Christine Kogan

Why you should be excited for Judy, a new film series by writer/director/filmmaker Christine Kogan

The film series Judy is a collaboration between Christine Kogans sister and the late Judy Garland, and a story about a young woman (played by Kogan) navigating a relationship with her estranged father (John Hawkes) that’s more than just a love story.

The story of Judy’s life as a woman is fascinating, and I’m looking forward to watching it as much as I’m watching any of the other movies that are coming out in the series.

I’m excited about the first film, The Night Circus, a film Kogan wrote and directed, which is an adaptation of the comic book series by the same name, which was published by DC Comics in 1970.

I’m excited that she and her husband will be releasing a new movie this summer.

The Night Parade is also a remake of the 1971 movie The Night Carnival, which has been rereleased by DC.

It stars Olivia Wilde as a circus queen and her daughter, played by Emma Stone.

I hope it has the same magic of the original, but I am excited that they are finally doing this film, too.

The second film in the Judy series, The Fuzz, is based on a book by the equally great Judy Garland and is about a girl (played, again, by Kogan) who has been abandoned by her father (played again, again by Hawkes), and she finds solace in the world of toys and animals.

The Fuffers mother (Kogan) is an amazing animal trainer and a wonderful artist.

If you haven’t seen the new film Judy, it is directed by writer-director Christine Koga and stars the amazing Emma Stone, and is set to hit theaters June 5, 2019.

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