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Which players are going to get the biggest bumps this season?

Which players are going to get the biggest bumps this season?

The NHL is rolling out a new feature to help fans find out which players will be making the jump to the NHL this season.

For the first time, the site is tracking the “playoff-cap hit” to each player.

In the past, the NHL has used a metric called “Playoff Hit.”

Players have been penalized for being out of the playoff race or missed the playoffs for years, and so the goal of tracking this hit has been to make sure players aren’t being punished for not making the playoffs, or not having the cap hit for a year.

The NHLPA and the NHL Players Association have argued that the cap is unfair, so the new metric gives fans a better idea of the players being hit.

It’s a new way to look at the cap, and the goal is to ensure that the player with the cap hits that are most likely to go over is the player who wins the Stanley Cup.

The team with the highest percentage of the total cap hit will have the most points and wins.

As part of the new measure, each team’s “Playoffs Hit” is broken down into four categories: the salary cap hit, the “cap hit of a team’s future,” the cap-hit of the player’s contract, and their “cap hits of future cap hits.”

The “Playies Hit” consists of the “salary cap hit” and the “team’s future cap hit.”

This metric has been a long-time source of controversy, and is one that the NHLPA is seeking to address with the new measures.

The new metrics will be used in the new CapGeek website, which was created by the league and will allow fans to search for players by name, and view player salary, cap hit and future cap numbers.

It will also allow fans the ability to compare players’ contracts to each other.

The cap hit of the future cap is calculated by taking the cap value of the current year plus the “value” of a player’s cap hit this season (including the value of his team’s cap), multiplied by the cap ceiling of the team for the upcoming season.

The cap ceiling is the projected salary cap of the teams for the next four years.

For the new “Playo Hit,” the goal was to give fans a deeper understanding of the cap of each player’s deal, which will allow them to see if players are being penalized by the salary-cap system, or if they’re being penalised for not playing well in the playoffs.

Players will be penalized if their cap hits are greater than a certain percentage of their cap hit.

The “Cap Hit of a Team’s Future” is the future value of a contract for the player.

It’s the value that is expected to increase as the team’s roster is filled with more players, including higher salary cap hits.

The league uses a projection of how much each team will spend on a player over the next three seasons to estimate the future of the roster.

The future cap for the future year is the cap the team is expected spend in the next two seasons, which is the total number of players they will have for the following season.

The NHLPA argues that the “Players Hit” and “Cap Hits of Future Cap Hits” are not enough to determine if players should be penalised, so they wanted the new metrics to include both future cap values and future salary caps.

“The cap hits of the upcoming cap will also help us make the salary and cap decisions for our players,” NHLPA Executive Director Don Fehr said in a statement.

“This new data will help fans understand how each team is building their rosters, which players they need to bring back to the league, and which players to not trade.”

The NHL will also update the player rankings and player rankings for the past six seasons, to better track players’ progress and their ability to win the Stanley Cups.

The rankings are based on the NHL’s projections for the salary of each NHL player through the 2020-21 season.

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