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What the internet is telling us about what happened to the Charlie Hebdo gunmen

What the internet is telling us about what happened to the Charlie Hebdo gunmen

A series of viral videos that showed the aftermath of the massacre of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has prompted the country’s top prosecutor to issue a nationwide search warrant for the website of the magazine’s publisher, Charlie Hebdo, and other sites linked to it.

“The investigation into the killings of the journalists has led us to the premises of the website,” Judge Claude de Riviere said Thursday in a statement.

“The seizure of this site is necessary for the investigation of all possible criminal acts.”

The warrant is in response to a request by prosecutors to seize a website called “The Charlie Hebdo Database,” which contains information about the publication and the owners of the websites associated with it.

The website was linked to the website for “The Parisian Journal,” which has a circulation of some 2 million copies.

The seizure is part of an investigation by France’s judicial prosecutor, the Directorate General for the Protection of the Constitution, which is investigating whether the shooting of two policemen and wounding of two other people by the gunmen, who were later killed, was an act of terrorism.

The investigation is ongoing and is being conducted in cooperation with the judicial authorities.

It’s not clear when the site will be seized.

The DGP said that “the seizure is necessary to facilitate the investigation” but did not specify how long it will take to process the request.

The website is still accessible and will be available to the public as soon as the court issues a ruling, de Rivier said.

The DGP has ordered that a search warrant be issued for the site and any other sites connected to the publication.

The investigation is continuing, he added.

The site was not accessible for the first time Thursday, after a day of online protests, and the search warrant is the latest in a string of recent searches of the site.

The French government is in the midst of a wave of protests against a controversial law that makes it easier for French citizens to access online content, particularly if it is published on sites controlled by foreign governments.

French President Emmanuel Macron and other top officials have called for reform of the law that has drawn international criticism.

Last year, French President Francois Hollande signed into law the so-called “anti-terrorism law,” which the government said had been drafted to combat terrorist propaganda and was aimed at making it easier to prosecute people for spreading hate speech online.

The law also made it easier and cheaper to monitor online speech.

The law, which has been condemned by human rights groups and critics, was intended to curb a growing number of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook that allow people to communicate with each other, organize protests, communicate with one another, and share images, videos and other content.

The French government says the law is necessary in combating terrorism.

France’s National Assembly passed the anti-terrorism legislation in 2015, but its supporters and opponents have clashed over its impact.

The bill passed by a majority in 2015 has been blocked by France, which argues that the legislation does not do enough to combat the spread of terror.

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