‘Trolls’ movie about ‘wildlife’ film hits theaters in U.S.

‘Trolls’ movie about ‘wildlife’ film hits theaters in U.S.

A documentary film about a film about “wildlife” has opened in theaters in the U.K. The film, Trolls: Wild Life, is directed by Adam McKay, and stars John C. Reilly as the film’s director, who was recently tapped to direct the upcoming Disney film Zootopia.

Trolls was made for the festival circuit, and it is set to open on May 26.

“We’re extremely excited to be making this film in the United Kingdom,” McKay told The Hollywood Reporter.

“There’s a whole bunch of people that love wildlife, so it’s just a natural fit.”

Trolls follows a pair of wildlife researchers, Nick (Reilly) and his partner, Zoe (Colin Farrell), who set out to track down a pair from a wild population in England who have been living there for over 150 years.

“When we found them, we knew that they were wild,” Farrell said.

“I think what’s interesting about this film is that you see a bit of this wildness that is out there, but it’s not really in a way that you know what it’s like.”

The film is being produced by Mark Haskins, who is also behind the feature film Trolls, The Last Exorcism, and the indie comedy The Young Ones.

“Troll and Zoe are one of those rare characters who are both just very good friends,” Haskis told The Wall Street Journal.

“It’s really fun to have Nick and Zoe in the same film, because you really get to know them and have a really good laugh.

The script is quite funny, and I think that’s really important.

I just love the fact that it’s a comedy, and that’s what we wanted to capture.”

A recent article in the Guardian about the film said that it was being directed by “the master of the British comedy, Adam McKay,” and it was set to feature a lot of British actors, including David Tennant, Mark Strong, Sophie Wollaston, and Daniel Radcliffe.

It is expected to open in the UK on May 16, 2019.

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