The story behind one of the most notorious serial killers films on DVD

The story behind one of the most notorious serial killers films on DVD

Film fans across the world have been eagerly awaiting the release of the latest film adaptation of the controversial Italian horror classic The Stand. 

The film, which stars the likes of Johnny Depp, is due to hit cinemas this month, with screenings set to be held around the world. 

But while it’s the latest in a long line of new movies about the most controversial figure in Italian cinema history, it has also earned plenty of criticism for its content.

The film follows the life of a man named Antonia, who is caught up in a serial killing spree in Italy in the early 70s. 

Antonia becomes the target of a serial killer known as The Black Angel, and her life is turned upside down when she is exposed to the serial killer’s blood. 

She is then tasked with trying to save as many innocent people as she can before he gets to her. 

It’s an unlikely story that ends with Antonia having to face a brutal death and is a perfect example of the genre’s obsession with the horrific. 

Many fans have accused the film of being more graphic than what we’d expect from the movie, with a number of people claiming that the film featured scenes that made them uncomfortable.

In one scene, Antonia is given a bath, and the blood starts to leak out from her body. 

“It was painful,” said one commenter on a YouTube video, adding: “The first thing I noticed was that there were two holes in the bathtub, where the blood was leaking out. 

That was a really uncomfortable moment. 

I felt really dirty, and I felt really gross.”

One critic also described a scene in which Antonia’s boyfriend is being raped, and when Antonia goes to intervene, she discovers that his penis has been hacked off. 

Another said that “every scene where she gets raped was really uncomfortable”.

One reviewer even said that the blood splatters “were painful” and added: “I had to put my finger in my vagina and touch the blood.

It felt really, really dirty.”

The Stand is considered by many to be the most disturbing film of all time, with critics arguing that its content is too graphic and violent for children to see. 

Some critics have even suggested that the plot is a parody of The Dark Knight trilogy, which was made in the 1980s and starred Christopher Nolan. 

However, many critics have also described The Stand as a film that can be enjoyed by adults who aren’t necessarily horror fans. 

And although it’s been released in Italy, it was only released in the US in the 1970s and 1980s, meaning that it has been around for decades.

What is the film’s content? 

The Stand tells the story of Antonia Gavazzi, who was the wife of a Mafia boss named Giovanni Gavazza, a notorious serial killer. 

In 1974, the legendary Italian director Gianni Nissin directed The Stand, and it is said that he would often ask Antonia if she wanted to watch the film. 

When she refused, Nissan allegedly said: “You’re going to have to sit through a movie with me.”

But Antonia doesn’t have any reservations. 

Instead, she watches the film for the first time, and then decides to commit the murder of Gavanzas son, Antonio, in order to escape from his mob boss. 

After Antonia kills Antonio, she then hides her body in a bathtub. 

According to the film, Antoniola is found dead in the tub. 

How does it compare to The Dark Tower? 

While the Dark Tower franchise is a huge hit in the UK, it is a film many critics are sceptical about. 

While The Stand is a true-to-life account of Antonioli Gavzas murder spree, many fans of the series feel that its depictions of the dark and supernatural elements of the world are far too tame. 

For example, many claim that the scenes of Antonias boyfriend being raped are too graphic. 

Other critics have pointed out that the scene in the bathroom where Antonia has to touch the killer’s penis to stop it bleeding is graphic, and is reminiscent of another Italian crime thriller, La Dolce Vita. 

Is there anything you’d like to add to the discussion? 

There’s no shortage of opinions on the film and its content, with many fans even comparing it to The Hunger Games. 

Are there any other Italian films that you’d recommend for your family? 

You can check out some of our favourite films in our  Top 10 Films on DVD list, and See some of the best horror films from around the globe on the Top 10 Films From Italy

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