‘The Last Airbender’ review: ‘a beautiful, complex, and often heartbreaking tale of friendship’

‘The Last Airbender’ review: ‘a beautiful, complex, and often heartbreaking tale of friendship’

The Last Airbenders director James Wan has finally wrapped filming on his next movie.

The Last Breathbender stars Paul Dano as a man who discovers his wife has died, but that’s not all the story is about.

Wan has been hinting at a follow-up to the 2009 film that would explore the life of an elderly farmer who discovers he’s an immortal.

That film was a box office success, but it also spawned several sequels, and Wan was never able to find a director willing to take on the film.

He finally got his chance with Wan’s longtime friend and fellow filmmaker, Paul Danno, and he’s thrilled to finally be able to deliver the film he’s always wanted.

“I was really inspired by the first one,” Wan said.

“We were just doing our research and talking about how to write it.

I knew it was going to be a huge hit and so I just said, ‘Let’s just do it.'”

The Last Lifebender is a story about a farmer named Anakin Skywalker who, in the year before his death, had a vision of his mother and a mysterious creature that lived in the woods.

He then falls in love with a young woman named Kya and marries her.

Anakin is eventually taken prisoner and tortured, and is eventually resurrected by his father to protect him.

The film takes place between the events of the first film and the events that follow, and it’s an interesting one to explore.

As the plot unfolds, Anakin has visions of his family, and his mother, and even the dead.

Wan said he was inspired by a similar story in his own life.

“In the first movie, there was a young man who was brought to life in a way that I found really interesting and very human and kind of a great thing for me to do,” Wan told reporters after the screening of the film at the New York Film Festival.

“It felt like a good thing to do and it was very exciting to me to go back to that.”

Wan said the story has been in development for years, and the director told reporters that it took two years to get the rights.

“So it’s been going on for quite a while and the film has been written, and then they said ‘Okay, we want you to do this, we can get the financing,’ ” he said.

The director is currently working on the script, and said he’ll have the final cut by mid-December.

“There are three versions, one of which will be the final,” he said, and added that he’s “hopeful” that it will be “a very beautiful, complicated, and sometimes heartbreaking tale” of friendship.

The first film, The Last Night, was a huge box office hit, earning over $200 million at the box office.

But that movie was also a commercial failure, earning just $45 million domestically.

“The Last Night” didn’t fare much better internationally.

“Last Night” also bombed at the global box office, earning less than $20 million on a $90 million budget.

The next film in the series is due to be released sometime in 2019.

“They’ve got a great cast, they’ve got good stories,” Wan added.

“This is the story of Anakin and this is the true story of his story.”

Watch the trailer for The Last Flightbender:

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