Chronicle film festival to host ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ and ‘Star Trek’ films in 2019

The film festival will have a “Star Wars” theme this year, as well as a “Battlefront” and “Star Trek” theme, with “StarWars: Battleforged” and an “Into the Star Wars” screening on Saturday. The festival will also feature the “StarTrek: The Next Generation” movie and “Jurassic World” on Saturday, along with “Game of Thrones” and the upcoming “Halo” and more.The fest will […]

Israel’s lawless film festival is not for Israel

A lawless cinema festival in Israel that is a frequent target for anti-Israel violence is not aimed at Israeli citizens, an Israeli journalist and film maker said.An Israeli film festival in the West Bank, known as the Israel Lawless Film Festival, attracts hundreds of Israeli-speaking film fans from around the world to the region, but many of them have no […]

9 Things I Learned From Being a Movie Fan

10 You can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t gotten into film, the film industry or even television at the age of 18.I was just a little kid.And I wanted to be an actor, a writer, a filmmaker, a composer.And that’s where I started.What was my passion?I was into making videos.I started doing it for fun, […]

What the internet is telling us about what happened to the Charlie Hebdo gunmen

A series of viral videos that showed the aftermath of the massacre of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has prompted the country’s top prosecutor to issue a nationwide search warrant for the website of the magazine’s publisher, Charlie Hebdo, and other sites linked to it.“The investigation into the killings of the journalists has led us to the premises of the […]

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