NASA is making an underwater film of a watery wreck near the coast of Alaska

NASA is making an underwater film of a watery wreck near the coast of Alaska

NASA is releasing a underwater film that captures the wreck of a submarine in the Bering Sea, in what it calls the “most remote underwater site ever discovered in the world.”

The video is the first to be released in the United States of America, where the International Space Station is in orbit.

The crew of the Discovery spacecraft spent two years exploring the site and its underwater treasures.

The video was filmed in 2014 by a group of scientists called the Deepwater Horizon Expedition.

It was created in collaboration with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The scientists will be using the video for educational purposes.

The crew of Discovery and its crew were looking for oil, gas and other natural resources in the Gulf of Alaska.

They had to swim into a well in the water.

The drilling rig is the size of a small car.

They were exploring for the last three years and discovered an oil spill off the coast, and then the shipwreck of a derelict ship.

The ship is in the deepest part of the Gulf, about 500 feet below the surface.

The deepwater exploration crew was able to make a 3D video of the underwater shipwreck that includes many underwater shots.

They also found a trove of artifacts from the ship.

This includes a metal pipe that was once used for lighting on the ship, a hand-carved pot, a piece of copper wire, and a small piece of metal.

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