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How to watch the NRL finals series with the power of film

How to watch the NRL finals series with the power of film

With just under three weeks to go until the start of the NRL’s grand final, the NRL has released the first ever trailer for the game’s first three games.

Here’s a look at the game, with the footage in a handy playlist:The footage has been made available for all NRL teams to use, but the league has restricted access to those clubs and players who want to see it.

The NRL and its players have previously defended the decision to limit access to the footage, saying the only people who would have access to it are the teams and their owners.

“We’ve decided to limit our access to this footage for the reasons outlined above.

It’s only for NRL clubs and their management,” the NRL said.”

This decision has been based on the best interests of the league and the safety and welfare of our players and staff.”

It’s been decided that only those clubs will be able to view this footage, and only those who want access to that footage will be allowed to do so.

“Those clubs and any other clubs who wish to see the footage should contact us and they will have a one-way ticket to watch it.”

It’s not the first time the NRL is giving away a glimpse into its games.

Earlier this year, the league made its first-ever trailer for its pre-season.

In it, Cowboys star Michael Morgan plays on a beach in Fiji.

“It was a pretty fun day, I think I got some good photos from it,” he said.

Morgan also told the Channel Nine news channel he’s not too worried about the footage being out there.

“I think it’s just great for us,” he told the ABC.

“What’s the problem is, it’s all going to be there anyway.

It’s just a bonus that we get to see.”

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