How to watch Temple Grandin’s film ‘Walking’

How to watch Temple Grandin’s film ‘Walking’

A new Disney film from Temple Grandintin, starring the voice of the famous Disney character Winnie the Pooh, is set to be released in Italy on October 3.

The film, called ‘WALKING’, is the first Disney film to feature the voice actor of Winnie, and the first to be made in Italy.

It will be released on a digital platform to allow audiences to experience it on a TV screen.

It is the latest in a series of Disney films that have been released in the country since the end of the 2015 season.

The last movie released in Italian cinemas was ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, released in 2016.

‘WEEPING’ is the story of two boys who, when they are attacked by wolves, set out on a journey through the woods to find their mother and find out what has happened to her.

‘The film is set in a traditional Italian village, which is a place that we have always wanted to see in a Disney film,’ said director Carlo Scarponi.

‘We are very proud of it, and we think that it will be a great film.’

The film will be presented in the traditional way: by taking a trip through the village and watching the children grow up.

The production will be based on the real life story of the village, and will focus on the characters, including the children themselves.’

The film will also feature a special production of ‘Poppin’, based on a short film Scarpione directed in 2013.

‘Poppy’, also a film, will be performed by the Italian orchestra.

Scarpioni hopes that audiences will get an insight into the villagers and their relationship to the animals, which has become a big theme of the film.

The ‘WAKING’ will be made with CGI.

Disney will release ‘WAKES’ in Italy in 2019.

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