How to shoot a horror film for 3M window

How to shoot a horror film for 3M window

Posted February 13, 2019 09:04:03Filmmakers have long struggled to get their films shot at the right resolution, with 4K and HDR becoming more commonplace in the past year.

Now, the new 3M Window film is trying to change the game, with the release of its latest release, The Witch.

3M is currently in the process of expanding its 3M Film and Video production facility to the new facility in San Jose, California, where it will develop the film for the 3M Camera, a new technology that promises to increase the quality of films.

The Witch, which was shot on the newly expanded facility, will be the company’s second 3M film.

The previous film, The Conjuring 2, was shot at Pinewood Studios in New York City. 

3M will be shooting the film with a special lighting system that will use infrared and X-ray lights to enhance the image of the film. 

The Witch will also feature an original score by J.K. Simmons, who worked on previous films including The Conjure, Hellboy and The Dark Tower. 

According to a 3M press release, “In addition to being a great example of 3M’s commitment to innovation, the Witch also demonstrates that filmmakers can take advantage of 3Ms advanced 3D technology to create stunning, cinematic scenes with a focus on the film’s story and characters.”

This film will be a testament to our team’s commitment and passion for creating a great movie.

We look forward to working with 3M to help make the 3m Film production facility a reality,” said James Stavro, General Manager of 3 Films, the company that is developing the film, in the release. 

Stavro also said that 3M will provide the film a digital post-production workflow and technical assistance, including “the ability to use 3D and digital workflow tools to help create the most realistic and realistic film possible.” 

3m will be releasing The Witch on February 14, 2019.

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