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How to make horror films with the Oculus film app

How to make horror films with the Oculus film app

The Oculus is a virtual reality headset, but what if you wanted to make your own horror films?

Oculus is one of the first virtual reality devices to be released in the US.

Now you can create your own VR horror films using the Oculus software.

The Oculus app lets you create movies using either a 360 degree camera, a smartphone, or a PC.

To create a 360° film, you need to set your camera to the camera you want to use for the film.

You can set your smartphone’s focus to focus on the camera’s lens, or it can also capture video from the device itself.

You’ll need a smartphone or PC with a built-in camera.

When you start the Oculus app, you can see a list of films that are available to you.

Selecting a film will let you edit it and start shooting.

The Oculus app has two modes for creating your own films: one that will automatically create the films for you, and one that lets you control the process.

Selecting the “Film mode” option lets you choose how the films are created, whether the films can be viewed from any device, and whether the film is saved on your device.

You might also be interested in the Oculus’ other film editing tools, such as the Movie Maker.

In the “Direct camera” mode, you’ll be able to control the angle of your camera and adjust the depth of your lens.

This is important because some VR films require you to be in close proximity to the subject.

You should also be aware that you can only see the lens of the camera as it moves through the field of view.

Select this option to focus your camera on the subject or objects.

In “Film settings”, you can change the resolution, contrast, and saturation of the film, adjust the lighting and shadow, and adjust a few other settings.

Select “Save film as” to save the film on your Oculus device or to share the film with your friends.

Select the “Camera” option, which lets you set the focal length of the lens.

You also need to select the lens focus to be on the object you want in your film.

Select “Resolution” to set the resolution of the scene.

This setting is useful for adding a subtle feel to your horror films, so check the box to set this to “High”.

This setting also lets you select a resolution for the “Background” layer in the film editor.

The “Shadow” option will allow you to adjust the intensity of the shadow that you’ll create.

This makes the film appear more realistic and helps it look natural in the field.

You can also set the size of the “Shadow”, “Shadow contrast”, and “Shadow saturation” options in the “Lens” section.

Select one of these “Scene settings” options and click “Ok”.

In the next screen, you will need to make sure that the lens is pointed in the direction of your desired subject.

You’ll need to specify your camera as the subject, then set the focus on your camera.

You will also need a list in the middle of the screen of all the objects that you want the camera to focus upon.

Select an object and press “A” to select it.

This will open the “scene settings” section of the Oculus video app.

Select the object and click the “Create film” button.

When the Oculus is finished editing the film you just created, it will be available in the app.

The first time you start a new film, it should open up in the editor and look something like this:You can save the Oculus movie to your Oculus or download it for use in your other virtual reality projects.

The file size of an Oculus movie is about 8GB, so you should save a lot of it.

You will also want to be aware of a few important rules that you need, when editing a VR film.

The first thing to note is that VR movies have to be shot in the same location as the camera.

If you’re shooting a VR horror film in a park or a field of flowers, for example, the location you’re using won’t be the exact same location you use in the real world.

You need to shoot from a slightly different location, or else your camera won’t focus on all the flowers.

This is especially important when editing for the Oculus Rift.

When editing for Oculus, you are shooting from a much smaller distance than the camera, so if you’re editing for an Oculus camera that is set to a field with a large number of flowers on it, the VR movie will look fuzzy and grainy.

This could happen if you were trying to achieve a high enough resolution.

To get around this, you should use a lower quality camera, such like a GoPro Hero3.

To get around the issue, use a much larger lens.

If the VR camera has a small lens, try moving the lens to the front of the frame to give it a wider angle of view and improve the

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