How to get her film ‘Her’ on film: ‘No pressure’

How to get her film ‘Her’ on film: ‘No pressure’

Movie producer-director, actress and filmmaker Manish Rao was in Mumbai on Friday to launch his new film Her on film release in the city.

In a video message, he said his film would be different from any other.

“I want to make a film that people will not expect to be like other films, that will not be like any other film,” he said.

“You know what, you know how people will tell you that it is going to be good, it is just going to make them feel good?

That is the kind of film we are going to create.”

That is why you will not get any pressure.

This is not going to happen by the way.

It will be a film you will watch.

You will feel happy.

You can go and enjoy it.

The movie is very different.

It is not a film for everyone.

“Rao, who is based in Mumbai, said his decision to go to India was based on a feeling of the people who have been there for generations.”

The way people were treated, and the way the country treated them, and I think the culture of the country has been very different to that of any other country I have worked in.

It was very strange, because people are really, really friendly, and they love you and they are very welcoming,” he added.”

We have always had a strong Indian culture in India.

There are so many cultures that we have brought back from other countries.

We are very happy with that.

“Ranjan, who has a long list of films, is a veteran of the industry.

His films include the films ‘Shalva’ and ‘Jolokia’, and his previous credits include ‘Rampi Ratan’, ‘Mint’ and the Hindi blockbuster ‘Sadhvavati’.

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