The film
How to be a pornographer

How to be a pornographer

A couple of years ago, I was working on a film that was going to be about a guy who went through a difficult time in his life.

He’s a porn filmmaker who’s also had a serious drug problem.

In one scene, he’s looking for an actress to fuck, and he goes to a sex shop and tries to pay for her to do it.

And she asks him to take her out to a hotel, which he does.

So he does the same thing to her, and then she gets sick.

The script has the woman die, and that’s the way it ends.

But in the end, it turns out she was just sick, and they don’t want to keep her alive.

What was really interesting was the way that the script ended up coming back to haunt him.

He was actually looking for another actress to be his new wife.

But that one, he decided, didn’t really have anything to do with porn.

So his script was turned into a porn film.

So I’m working on another film that’s going to feature this kind of fucked-up guy.

He meets an actress at a sex store, and the script ends up being about that same thing.

So that’s why I’m so excited to talk about the next installment of our film series, Fluid Film.

It’s called Entrapment Film, and it’s going in theaters March 6.

It features a young woman who’s been trapped in a porno studio, where she’s constantly being seduced by other actors, and eventually she gets pregnant.

She’s then locked away by her husband, who’s always watching her.

In this episode, she’s in a room with her lover, who is trying to seduce her again.

And as she tries to escape, the man tries to rape her.

He wants to have sex with her.

But she’s really afraid of him.

She tells him, “I’m not going to get pregnant.”

And he says, “You’re not pregnant, and I don’t have sex, and if you ever do, I’ll kill you.”

So that moment, that’s where the story ends, and what it’s really about is, are we really supposed to accept this?

And are we supposed to keep this from happening?

It’s interesting because the way the script was written, it wasn’t about the woman getting pregnant, but about her husband having sex with another woman. And I don�t want to give too much away about the story, because it’s a very dark story, but the plot basically ends up turning on a couple of things.

One is that this guy was a porn producer, and one of his employees is really into sex, so he makes a deal with this woman to sedate her and have sex again with her, even though she’s not really his wife.

And then, after she goes back to work, he does another deal with her to sedicate her and make him a full-time employee.

And there’s a whole other layer of blackmail in there that I can’t talk about.

But it was really fascinating to see how the story ended up playing out.

But if you want to know more about how the film came together, you can read our feature on Entrapments in the latest issue of Bitch magazine.

[Music: “I’ll Always Be With You” by Dolly Parton]

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