‘Dogma’ film in Cannes highlights the Hindu community

‘Dogma’ film in Cannes highlights the Hindu community

A film festival has selected ‘Dogmata’ as one of four films for the 2015 Venice Film Festival.

The festival is currently in the midst of a year-long programme which is designed to promote the Hindu faith in the eyes of a wide audience.

‘Dogman’, directed by Gautam Gangaramakrishnan, is scheduled to release on January 17, while ‘Kashmir’, by filmmaker Raju Jha, will be released in February.

The latter film is set to be released at a later date in Mumbai, with the other two films scheduled for release in 2019 and 2020.

The film festival, which was launched in 1993, is the first of its kind in Europe and Asia.

The main focus of the programme is on films on the Indian diaspora and India’s role in the global fight against terror.

It is the only international festival in which films are screened from the Indian point of view.

In an exclusive interview with The Hindu, director Gautami Gangaramachan said that the festival was created in order to highlight the role of the Indian community in combating terrorism.

“We are making this film to celebrate the community and to celebrate our own history.

I believe in a lot of people, both within and outside India, who believe in what we do,” he said.

Gangaramachann said he was looking forward to the screening of the film in the festival, as he had been told that it would be a big hit.

“I had to go back to my home village and tell my family about the film.

My family was not happy, but the festival organisers told them that it was going to be a huge hit,” he added.

The Indian Film Institute (IFI) said it was thrilled that ‘Dogmatika’ would be screened at the festival.

“The festival will be the first time in the history of the festival that we have produced films from within the community, and this is a testament to the impact of the community on the cinema industry,” a spokesperson said.

The festival aims to be one of the most prestigious in the world for showcasing the film industry.

“We have made a documentary that is both a documentary and a narrative film, but I think the focus of this film is to highlight how the Hindu diasporas have played a crucial role in our fight against terrorism,” the spokesperson added.

Gangsaramachans film is being released on a US budget, and is directed by the director of the documentary ‘Sarkar’.

He said that ‘Sakar’ had been shot in India, but had been in the making for a long time.

“It is a film about the history and culture of the Hindus and their contribution to this country,” he explained.

Gautam said that he was hoping that his film would be able to help the Indian cinema industry.

“When you have an international festival, it is a big deal for the industry.

The film will also help the community of the diasPOR, which is not just in India but all over the world,” he claimed.

“But I hope that it will be a film that will make people aware of the sacrifices made by Hindus.”

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