‘Ant-Man’ is a ‘big tent-pole’ movie that won’t be ‘like Ant-Man’, says Disney chief

‘Ant-Man’ is a ‘big tent-pole’ movie that won’t be ‘like Ant-Man’, says Disney chief

Disney is “very, very pleased” with the movie Ant-Men, the superhero sequel that is set for release on May 6, and is one of the highest-grossing superhero films of all time.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Disney CEO Bob Iger said Ant-men, which stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Pena, is “an amazing film.”

“I can’t think of a single word I’d say that’s not positive about it, but it’s going to be a big tent-poster,” Iger told the Times.

“The film is a huge, massive, huge success.”

“It’s not going to have a box office performance like Ant-man did,” Ige continued.

“It’s going a little bit bigger than that, but the fact that it is a big-budget blockbuster that we all know and love is the most significant thing.

And it’s also going to attract some very talented people to work on it.”

The film’s production budget is $115 million, with $35 million coming from the Walt Disney Studios and $15 million from Universal Pictures.

The movie will star the likes of Rudd, Douglas, Pfeffer, Pena and Rudd’s ex-wife.

Ant-mation will be the first Marvel Studios movie to be produced by the studio, following Captain America: Civil War and Ant-Mate.

Iger also revealed that the studio has plans for another Marvel Studios film.

“I think that we’re doing another movie, maybe something similar to what we did with Thor, which was Thor 3,” Igers said.

“And it would be something we’d definitely consider if that came along.”

“We’re going to do a big, big, mega-budget film, so we’ll just have to see what comes out of that,” he added.

Ant-Men is the latest in the Marvel Studios superhero series.

Marvel Studios has released four of its films since 2015’s Ant-MAN and the Wasp.

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