What’s next for the Moxie films

On March 15, the Moxy Films team and I went to the premiere of our new movie, The Moxies.The Moxy films team was very gracious and the audience was very supportive.The movie is a comedy of manners and I love it.We’ve been in the business for 15 years and it’s a huge step forward for Moxey Films.The first Moxy film, […]

Which is the best warcraft movie?

Movie-goers have their pick of three films, with a recent batch of releases being a prime candidate for that title.Warcraft: Battle of the Ancients is one of the most beloved franchises of all time and has been in the making for nearly 30 years.It was first released in 1995, and it has since become one of cinema’s most iconic franchises.The […]

How to Use Polaroid Camera Film to Record Your Photos

Polaroid is the world’s leading camera manufacturer, and the company’s flagship camera, the Polaroid Classic, has been around for over 20 years.However, it’s been recently acquired by Apple, and its product lineup has expanded considerably in the last decade.Polaroid’s flagship Polaroid camera, Polaroid 70, is still in use, and many other brands like Kodak, Canon, and others have also seen […]

How to get krampsus film at the movies

The krumpus film is a classic of cinema that can be found in the likes of Die Hard and The Wolf of Wall Street, but it’s also found in a handful of lesser-known films.We caught up with director Sam Biddle to learn more about the making of the film, the difficulties of finding the film on a budget and what […]

How to get your new Dune film on Netflix and Amazon.com

Hollywood is full of new Dunes films, and Netflix is already showing them.But what you may not know is that the studio’s first Dune movie, Patch Adams’ film, is already available on Amazon and other streaming services.So what’s in Patch Adamps’ film?We’ve rounded up the most important details below, plus a little more.Dune has been in development for more than […]

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