How to kill an animal with a video camera

As the years have gone by, a new breed of predator film has emerged in the animal kingdom.These films are designed to capture the essence of predators in their natural state, showing the animal in the most natural way possible, while keeping the camera’s sharp focus on the animal as it is.The films are the result of a collaboration between […]

How to film a video game

What is a video-game film?There’s a lot to it.It’s a long term project to film your favourite games in the real world and make them look like they were made in-house.If you’re a big-name game producer, you’ll be lucky to get to use the footage in a game for the first time, but if you’ve got the budget, you could […]

‘Spirited Away’ sequel to be released as ‘Ghibli Films’ film adaptation, reports Deadline

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Animation is planning to release the sci-fi film Spirited Away as a sequel to the sci/fi film Ghibli, which has been adapted by Netflix and Sony Pictures.The movie was originally released in 2015, and it stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Mila Kunis, Emma Watson, Bill Hader, and more.The original film starred Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Daniel Radcliffe, […]

How to beat the film festival bubble

Film festival film-making in New York has reached its zenith after an event in which more than 100 people attended.The weekend’s event, which featured performances by artists from the alt-rock world and other performers, capped a month of festival events that have been held across the country.The event also featured a “pop-up gallery” that allowed attendees to take selfies in […]

How to Watch The Hocus Pocus Film on DVD, Blu-ray, and Streaming: The Official Guide

AUSTRALIAN financial markets have reacted positively to the latest film from the Tom Hocus-Pocus cult hit.The film, which has already had the benefit of favourable reviews from critics and audiences, has been viewed by more than 13 million people in Australia since its release last month.It has now surpassed $2 billion in gross ticket sales.Hocus has also won an Oscar […]

How to watch 3M’s ‘Saafi’ films

By Tom BrownAssociated Press – SAN FRANCISCO (AP) When the dust settles on the first Saafi film, you’ll probably be surprised by how much it can make you want to watch more.For years, Saafis have been a big draw at the box office thanks to their appeal as escorts.But now, thanks to a boom in Saafi-inspired films and their popularity […]

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